Recycled Glass Surfaces

Recycled Glass countertops are beautiful, durable, and earth friendly alternatives to traditional countertop materials. Made of approximately 90 percent glass mixed with resins, the surfaces are non-porous, easy to clean, and resist stains and bacteria. They come in a multitude of colors and designs, and because they are made from recycled materials, they are completely sustainable. A number of companies are making recycled glass slabs, giving you several options in color and style.

The Vetrazzo story began in 1996, when a brilliant scientist from Berkeley, California, who was fascinated by the properties of glass, invented an entirely new product. He developed an innovative mix of recycled glass that could be used to create highly durable, beautifully colored slabs.
Patented 10 years later, Vetrazzo was initially manufactured in the refurbished Ford Assembly Plant in nearby Ford Point, California.
Back when “green” was just a color, this avant-garde product was already using a rich, stunning array of both rare and ordinary glass to create these unique pieces, each a precious gem.
Vetrazzo is a hand crafted American-made product that remains true to the Vetrazzo name. The glass pieces are always meticulously selected for each slab color.
Vetrazzo was acquired by Polycor and moved the factory to the Georgia Marble Plant in Tate where Polycor has further innovated the manufacturing process bringing Vetrazzo into the Spot Light. At Alpha Granite and Tile our fabrication process is well versed with Vetrazzo and will bring this product looking pristine into your home.

IceStone is located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, New York. IceStone is American-Made and was conceptualized by the founders to transform waste glass into something beautiful. IceStone countertops are made up of just three ingredients, pre and post-consumer recycled glass, Portland cement, and resins. Their 3 cm thick countertops are completely non-porous and extremely durable. Styles range from brightly colored slabs with obvious, suspended chunks of recycled glass to muted, traditionally colored slabs that mimic the look of quartz counters.
One IceStone slab covers roughly 35 square feet, and all of their counters have up to six available edge treatments. Pricing varies by color, style and edge treatment, but most slabs cost roughly the same amount as a mid to high-end stone counter. 

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